Tencent eats chicken soon, what kind of keyboard material is bigger?



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Tencent eats chicken soon, what kind of keyboard material is bigger?

Recently, the popular global tour of the "Jesus Survival" "Eating Chicken" was successfully won by Tencent, and the people were excited. It is said that the game "Jesus Survival" is even more taboo for the very hot "Glory of the King".
       With the diversification of online games, players' requirements for keyboards are gradually increasing. From the current keyboard market, the keyboard is divided into a membrane keyboard and a mechanical keyboard according to the architecture.
       With its long service life and extraordinary feel, the mechanical keyboard has become the favorite of peripheral enthusiasts and gamers. In addition to life and use, the mechanical keyboard also has a unique skill to replace the keycap. Players can have their own unique appearance based on their personal preferences and usage requirements.
      At present, the common mechanical keyboard keycaps are mainly divided into three materials: ABS, PBT and POM. Among them, the ABS material keycap has the highest frequency on the mechanical keyboard.

1.ABS material keycap
       Due to the mature production process, the ABS key cap has the advantages of regular appearance, exquisite detail, uniform texture, delicate touch and comfort. However, it has a very obvious shortcoming, that is, due to the low hardness of the material, the surface will change after a long time of use. It’s bright and shiny, and this phenomenon is called “oiling” by players. The ABS keycap after oiling is not only slightly sticky, but it makes the whole keyboard look dirty and greasy, so many players have some resistance to the ABS material keycap.

2.PBT material key cap
       PBT material has the reputation of “white rock”. The processing technology and cost are higher than ABS material, the material strength is excellent, and the shrinkage rate during injection molding is small. The processing technology is relatively mature, and even the two-color injection molding method can be used for processing, so as to achieve the purpose of never falling. The keycaps made of PBT material are dry and tough, and have a very unique matte feel. However, because they are more expensive and more complicated to process, they are usually only used in some brands of mid-end products.
3. POM material key cap
       Although the PBT material is higher in abrasion resistance than ABS material, it is not the hardest in the common mechanical keyboard keycaps. There is also a material whose performance in hardness is better than PBT material. This is the player. A POM material called "Black Ice".
       The POM key cap is cold and cold, and the self-lubrication of the material itself makes the keycap feel a unique dry and slippery feeling. It is slippery than the oiled ABS keycap (ABS is sticky due to the material characteristics, and the oil feels sticky after oiling). The disadvantage of the POM keycap is that the appearance party can't stand it, that is, the color is too single. Currently, the commercially available POM material keycaps are black, which makes it only applicable to the black keyboard.
      After analyzing the various materials of the mechanical keyboard, I believe that you also have the type of keyboard you need. In the future, as the demand for mechanical keyboards continues to increase, the demand for raw materials will also increase significantly. At the same time, there are more and more keyboards that are eliminated and discarded. The recycling of waste plastics in electronic products is also a problem that the industry needs to solve.