Haier air conditioner adopts Covestro continuous fiber reinforced thermoplastic composite



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Haier air conditioner adopts Covestro continuous fiber reinforced thermoplastic composite

Recently, the world's leading large-scale home appliance manufacturer Haier Group's international high-end home appliance brand Casa Di launched the application of the latest "zoned air supply" technology, the high-end customized version of the shell using Covestro continuous fiber reinforced thermoplastic composite ( CFRTP) manufacturing. Casa Di Tian Air Conditioning has set up two independent air supply systems. The whole machine panel is made of continuous fiber reinforced thermoplastic composite material. The high-end texture unique to carbon fiber fully demonstrates the elegant artistic appearance represented by the Casa Di brand. And the craftsmanship of excellence.

The air-conditioner shell of Casa Di, a home appliance brand of Haier, is manufactured by Covestro Continuous Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastic Composite (CFRTP).

“Casa Di is the highly acclaimed high-end home appliance brand of Haier Group. The high-quality design and materials are the core competitiveness of the Casa Di brand to lead the market. Therefore, high-quality innovative new materials such as continuous fiber reinforced thermoplastic composites naturally It has become the ideal material for this high-grade air conditioner.” Li Xiongwei, director of air conditioning planning for Haier Group, said.

Plastic with metal effect

Continuous fiber reinforced thermoplastic composites are made using ultra-thin carbon fiber unidirectional tape. These unidirectional tapes can be laminated to form a sheet at a specific angle and can therefore be tailored to specific performance criteria. The unidirectional tape is oriented to form a specific strength in its longitudinal direction to form a thin, hard sheet which looks like a metal and has the flexibility of a thermoplastic. The continuous fiber reinforced thermoplastic composite material gives the air conditioner a high-grade metal texture, and the appearance is smooth and beautiful. The overall design inherits the core values ​​of Casa Di and highlights the artistic sense of design.
“This not only marks a key step in the continuous fiber reinforced thermoplastic composites industry, but also provides designers with a new high-end materials and exciting design possibilities,” said David Hartmann, co-CEO of Covestro CFRTP.
New high-end design materials

Traditional composite materials are generally considered to be overpriced and difficult to process. Continuous fiber reinforced thermoplastic composites are revolutionary, creating a new application and user experience as a modern, cost-effective and easy-to-form thermoplastic composite.
For the Casati design team, this means they can use high-performance composites other than traditional metals for the first time in their premium air conditioning range. “So far, our material selection has often relied on metals to meet performance and aesthetic requirements,” said Shao Qingyu, CMF (color, materials, processing) designer at Casa Di.
High quality surface

In describing the depth and richness she saw from the surface texture of Covestro's continuous fiber reinforced thermoplastic composites, Shao Qingyi pointed out a very practical advantage of this material. “For us, continuous fiber reinforced thermoplastic composites are a very attractive material. From the very beginning, they can form a natural one-way texture. Unlike metals such as aluminum, sandblasting, drawing and Surface treatment processes such as anodizing can be used for product manufacturing. The surface formed by continuous fiber reinforced thermoplastic composites is naturally beautiful."

“On the basis of thermoplastics, continuous heat-strengthing of continuous fiber-reinforced thermoplastic composites can be carried out using existing thermoforming equipment with high production efficiency and short production cycle. They can be combined with various coatings and decorative processes to design Unique surface, logo and other iconic details. It is easy to achieve laser etched patterns directly in the mold,” said Michael Schmidt, co-CEO of CFRTP.
Intelligent air conditioning system

Casa Ditian air-conditioning has a smart body temperature sensing system, which can intelligently detect the body surface heat dissipation, human head temperature, position distribution, distance, ambient temperature and other parameters to form an infrared thermal image, thereby obtaining indoor personnel. Experience the cold and hot, and calculate the subjective comfort of the human body through big data, and divide it into five levels: “very cold, cold, comfortable, hot, very hot”.
The air conditioner has two independent air supply systems. The layout of the two motors, the left and right fans, and the four air deflectors divides the air supply area into five air supply areas, which are left and right and up and down. 2048 kinds of air supply mode, according to the individualized cold and heat demand of different human bodies in the room, intelligently adjust the air conditioning wind speed, air volume, wind direction and temperature and other parameters to accurately meet the different comforts of everyone in the same environment.
Strategic partnership

This is not the first time Haier products have used Covestro's innovative material solutions. After the establishment of Haier in 1984, the two sides formed a cooperative relationship. At the time, Covestro (formerly Bayer MaterialScience) began to supply Haier with the raw materials needed for the insulation of refrigerators. In October 2017, Covestro and Haier signed a global strategic cooperation agreement to extend their 10-year partnership to a global level. The two sides will continue to develop advanced products and utilize the latest material solutions to meet the global market demand of the home appliance industry.