DSM Akulon®Ultraflow - belongs to PA6 "shun" its natural



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DSM Akulon®Ultraflow - belongs to PA6 "shun" its natural

DSMAkulon®Ultraflowisaneasy-to-processPA6thatoffers80%morefluidityand40%shorterinjectioncycletimethannormalPA6withoutcompromisingthemechanicalpropertiesofthematerial. Akulon®Ultraflowisusedinmanydeman

DSM Akulon® Ultraflow is an easy-to-process PA6 that offers 80% more fluidity and 40% shorter injection cycle time than normal PA6 without compromising the mechanical properties of the material.


Akulon® Ultraflow is used in many demanding products such as hoods, intake manifolds, exterior mirror housings, furniture and power tools. The significance behind Akulon® Ultraflow's faster flow is not only through faster cycle times, but also in reducing system costs.


Akulon® Ultraflow application advantages: By achieving thinner wall thicknesses, requiring less material, engineers can gain more design freedom; more mold cavities mean lower production costs; on lower tonnage machines Molded parts increase manufacturing flexibility. Improve the appearance of the surface while reducing the need for painting; the range of metal can be replaced, the weight of the product is reduced, and it is applied to automobiles, and the fuel and carbon are correspondingly reduced.

Surface appearance


Akulon®Ultraflow offers a better surface appearance than conventional PA6, reducing secondary surface treatments such as painting and part removal. In addition, parts made from Akulon® Ultraflow 50-60% glass reinforced grades have a surface appearance similar to that of a typical 30% glass reinforced PA6. The AkulonUltraflow material incorporates more reinforcing materials with similar surface appearance. This excellent surface appearance is particularly suitable for making thin-walled parts with high strength grade requirements.


Replace metal and plastic


The introduction of Akulon UltraflowK-FHG0 and Akulon UltraflowK-FHG12 significantly reduced metal replacement costs and provided a huge opportunity for metal replacement. The weight and noise reduction achieved by Akulon® Ultraflow contributes to the development of the entire value chain.


Akulon® Ultraflow also offers the option of replacing high temperature thermoplastics with greater design freedom, combining higher glass loads with thinner wall sections for the same stiffness and dimensional integrity.


Akulon® Ultraflow can also be filled with PPS or aramid by replacing 30-40% glass fiber, which provides cost and/or appearance in applications above 100°C, saving cost.


At a certain temperature, Akulon UltraflowK-FGH0 or K-FGH12 can provide a harder, stronger and more attractive appearance than expensive engineering plastics.



Automotive Applications - Oil Pan


Especially in the case of metal substitutes, Mercedes and DSM's first-class customer BBP, Kunststoffwerk Marbach Baier has proved this. The new Mercedes S-Class features a breakthrough oil sump made from DSM's unique Akulon® Ultraflow PA6: it meets various performance standards while weighing 50% less than its metal weight. Meeting the extreme performance requirements of the oil sump is a challenge for DSM and Akulon® Ultraflow: this unique high flow, oil resistant, glass reinforced polyamide releases the main processing and performance advantages for our customers – no Will affect mechanical properties.


For the Mercedes S-Class, DSM's research team worked closely with BBP in Germany to perform a series of demanding application tests on the Akulon® Ultraflow oil sump. Akulon® Ultraflow oil sumps are all in application grade and are now in production. DSM believes that when more manufacturers see the benefits it can bring, they will use this technology. The fast flow of Akulon® Ultraflow is not only equivalent to faster cycle times and less warpage; but because the material can make the wall thickness thinner, it means less material is needed – which in turn provides engineers with more Design freedom.


Future can be expected: one-piece oil sump system


In the next few years, DSM expects to see the introduction of a hybrid oil sump integrated with the structurally loaded floor to carry the load from the drive train. It is expected that the entire module will be made entirely of thermoplastic parts, joined together using vibration welding technology. .




Automotive Applications - MPC Engine Cover


Akulon® Ultraflow is a glass and mineral reinforced PA6 with excellent flow and low warpage.


Akulon® Ultraflow is DSM's glass and mineral reinforced PA6 with excellent flow and low warpage. It offers a wide range of advantages to a growing number of automotive hood manufacturers, including the US automotive specialist Micro Precision Parts (MPC).



Every manufacturer wants the product to have excellent processing characteristics, minimal warpage and excellent surface appearance. Akulon® Ultraflow offers all the standards that comply with MPC. MPC chose Akulon® Ultraflow K-FHGM24 (10% glass fiber reinforcement with 20% mineral filler) because it produces much lower warpage parts than other glass fiber reinforced mineral filled nylon. This results in significant costs, primarily because there is no need to employ an anti-warpage cooling device immediately after the molding process.


The faster flow of Akulon® Ultraflow also reduces the cycle time of the MPC plastic hood, further reducing system costs. And because this material can reduce wall thickness by up to 20%, fewer parts are needed to produce parts, giving engineers more design freedom. The combination of excellent mechanical properties and outstanding aesthetics has prompted MPC to consider whether Akulon® Ultraflow can now be used in other traditional production parts.