Car lightweighting and cost-reducing road POM materials are indispensable



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Car lightweighting and cost-reducing road POM materials are indispensable


The automobile industry has been developing for more than 100 years. With the increase of car ownership, people have gradually realized the negative impact of automobiles on the environment, including energy consumption and pollution to the atmosphere.


In addition to the cost of using the car's own products (including energy consumption and money consumption), cars also consume a lot of energy and materials in the manufacturing process. In order to solve this problem, car companies have started from manufacturing processes and materials to reduce automobile production costs, use costs and reduce environmental pollution.


Compared with the improvement of manufacturing process, it is relatively easy to start from the material aspect. The current car has gradually changed from the previous all-metal body to a metal-fitted plastic or composite body. Among them, plastics are classified into many types, such as polyamide (nylon, PA), polycarbonate (PC), polyoxymethylene (POM), and polyphenylene ether (PPO).


Among them, polyoxymethylene (POM) is an engineering plastic with excellent performance. It is known as “Saigang”, “Winning Steel” and “Super Steel” in foreign countries. POM has similar hardness, strength and rigidity to metals. It has good self-lubricity, good fatigue resistance and elasticity in a wide range of temperature and humidity. In addition, it has good chemical resistance. Character.


POM is replacing many traditionally occupied metals in the market at a lower cost than many other engineering plastics. For example, instead of zinc, brass, aluminum and steel, POM has been widely used in electrical and electronic machinery. , instrumentation, daily light industry, automotive, building materials, agriculture and other fields.