Recyclable thermoplastic rear tailgate has great growth potential



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Recyclable thermoplastic rear tailgate has great growth potential


In 2017, sales of sport utility vehicles and off-road vehicles accounted for about one-third of global sales. The continued growth in demand for sport utility vehicles and off-road vehicles, coupled with increasing global emissions standards, has prompted many automakers to adopt lightweight thermoplastic rear door modules.


Compared to the corresponding steel modules, these recyclable rear door modules can reduce weight by 25% and have greater freedom of design. For this, Magna can provide automotive manufacturers with relevant expertise.


"Magna's thermoplastic rear door module meets the growing demand from automotive manufacturers for products that help reduce vehicle weight, improve fuel economy, reduce CO2 emissions, extend electric vehicle life, and improve aerodynamics. “These rear door modules also offer greater design freedom, which means our customers are better able to shape their own brand image,” said Grahame Burrow, General Manager of Magna Exteriors.

Magna's thermoplastic rear tailgate module:


It is necessary to add an ultraviolet absorber to the agricultural film. The test proved that the amount of the ultraviolet absorber added was 0.2 parts. The film exposure time can be extended from three months to a year (depending on the specific formulation design). Commonly used ultraviolet absorbers are benzophenones, benzotriazoles, triazines, salicylates. .


There is only a narrow range of light waves in the daylight that degrades polyvinyl chloride. The most harmful is the light wave with a wavelength of 3 earth 0 nm, which is the central band of ultraviolet light.


In practice, it has been proved by application that the absorption effect of the triazine-based ultraviolet absorber is much better than that of UV-9 under the condition of 0.3 parts, which can be clearly seen from the spectroscopic curve of the film in the ultraviolet region.



Magna began producing thermoplastic tailgates for a premium European car manufacturer in 1999, and then produced the rear tailgate for more European car brands. In North America, the first thermoplastic tailgate was used on the 2014 Nissan Rogue. In 2018, the thermoplastic rear door was put into use on the 2019 Jeep Cherokee and 2019 Acura RDX. Later in 2018, Magna will also introduce two thermoplastic rear tailgates in China. In summary, Magna has produced more than 3 million thermoplastic rear door modules worldwide. In addition to weight reduction and design freedom, Magna's system-wide assembly and delivery methods offer the following key benefits: reduced complexity of the entire rear door module, reduced mold investment costs and increased assembly plant output.