Taiyi Plasticization: Striving to be an independent research and development expert for POM modified materials



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Taiyi Plasticization: Striving to be an independent research and development expert for POM modified materials


In the modified plastics industry, when you mention high-performance products, the first thing that comes to mind may be foreign top companies such as DuPont, Japan Polyplastics, and Korean Engineering, and domestic manufacturers are often overlooked. Despite the rapid development of China's modified plastics industry in recent years, the lack of core technology and the shortage of processing equipment have become prominent due to the late start and lack of research and development capabilities, resulting in the fact that most of the modified plastics market is increasingly being eaten by foreign companies. Under this circumstance, what kind of stance should China's modified plastics production enterprises stand on and survive in a highly competitive market and achieve long-term development?

In this regard, Zhongsu Online reporter visited Mr. Gao Daofeng, the general manager of Yuyao Taiyi Plastics Co., Ltd., and Mr. Gao will share his experience and opinions with us in the company.


Mr. Gao Daofeng, General Manager of Yuyao Taiyi Plastics Co., Ltd.


        Independent research and development formula, sales target can be expected

"In fact, many foreign formulations are not mainstream, and domestic manufacturers can also do it. Taiyi Plastics has been developing and producing high-end POM modified materials, and the performance of the products exceeds or is equivalent to the international level." Gao said.

It is understood that Yuyao Taiyi Plastic Chemical Co., Ltd. was established in April 2012. It is a Sino-Japanese joint venture that exclusively produces and sells POM modified materials. In April this year, Taiyi Plastics Co., Ltd. established Kunshan Taiyi Plastic Technology Co., Ltd. in Shitailong Plastic City, Kunshan City, specializing in R&D and production of POM modified materials. As a result, production and sales are independent of each other and the division of labor is more clear.

According to market demand, Kunshan Taiyi's R&D team continuously tests and independently innovates production formulas. Representative products include: weathering resistance, high impact, silencer level, mineral reinforcement, glass fiber reinforcement, low warpage, anti-static, graphite, disulfide Molybdenum, polytetrafluoroethylene, etc., have achieved great breakthroughs in high wear resistance, acid and alkali resistance, and meet the requirements of green environmental protection, and are widely used in agricultural machinery, auto parts, construction, electronic appliances, sanitary ware and other fields.

As far as sales are concerned, the company is still in the development stage. The average monthly demand in Jiangsu and Zhejiang is more than 200 tons. Therefore, the monthly production capacity of its Kunshan plant is currently controlled at 300-500 tons, and the monthly production capacity of conventional materials is close to 1,000 tons. However, the application prospects of the POM modified materials market are very broad. For the sales performance in the next few years, Mr. Gao is quite confident. He said: "We strive to achieve a monthly sales plan of 3000-4000 tons within five years."


Focus on POM modification, maintain customer knowledge

When the author asked a company with a production plant in Kunshan, why did he set up a sales team in Yuyao, Gao explained the following: First, Yuyao is the earliest plastic city in China, and its development has made it professional and authoritative for many years. Secondly, the downstream enterprises of POM modified materials in Zhejiang have a wide coverage and ensure the market demand. At present, the main customers of Taiyi Plastics are also concentrated here.

Quality determines the price and focuses on achievement. Although Taiyi Plastics has not been involved in the modified materials industry for a long time, its product price is slightly higher than the average market price, but the customer source is very stable and rarely lost. This is inseparable from the company's spirit of concentration. “Maintenance of customers is not a problem. We are committed to POM modified materials, and the quality of our products is worthy of our customers' trust.” Gao said.

The company takes innovation as the leading direction, developing and manufacturing products for customers. The R&D team conducts regular inspections of products produced by customers using Taiyi plasticized raw materials to continuously improve and improve product performance. Technicians participate in customer R&D, help them locate and find the most suitable and cost-effective raw materials, instead of letting customers blindly search, test, and assist customers to adjust the molding process of special products. In addition, Taiyi Plastics pays more attention to the continuity of quality. If the customer positions the product life for 5 years, after 5 years, the company's technicians will test their products to help customers find the possibility of extending the life of the product.

Focus on one-on-one, independent research and development. According to the market demand, self-improvement and on-demand production will naturally achieve technological breakthroughs in this field; quality first, customer first. Thinking about the needs of customers and safeguarding the interests of customers will naturally lead to the trust and support of customers.


        Clear market positioning, focus on quality needs

For the time being, there is no single enterprise that produces POM modified materials in China. Taiyi Plasticization can be said to be a precedent.

Its market positioning is to develop and produce high-end POM modified materials, and the development direction is close to or even surpassing foreign high-end modified materials enterprises. In terms of technology, Taiyi Plastics has also introduced testing equipment and production equipment from abroad. Mr. Gao said: "Beyond foreign high-end enterprises is our goal, but this cannot be done overnight and needs to be accumulated slowly."

In recent years, the development of China's modified materials industry is on the rise, and the market prospects are worth looking forward to. However, foreign companies account for most of the market share of China's modified materials. In this regard, Gao also expressed his views. He pointed out that there is a certain gap between domestic enterprises and foreign enterprises in concept: domestic manufacturers take low-priced products to impact customers, and low prices often come at the expense of quality. This is not the way to develop in the long run. Over time, it will lose the trust of customers; while foreign companies pay great attention to quality, and there is very little chance of price wars invading the market. In this regard, Taiyi Plastic will not sacrifice quality in exchange for price advantage.


        Gao’s life creed - simple communication

As the saying goes, one word is arguing over the treasure of Jiuding. The richness of life is the richness of human relationships, and the success of life is the success of interpersonal communication. Gao’s life creed is “simple, communication”.

Communication is a science and an art. To become a successful entrepreneur, you must first forge your own communication skills. How to communicate effectively with employees and customers is a problem that must be considered. Communication makes our work simple and efficient; communication makes our life gorgeous. The sales team of Taiyi Plastics believes that “successful sales start from being rejected”. In fact, successful sales are the result of successful communication.

In addition to work, calligraphy, Chinese painting, tea, and fishing have brought a lot of fun to Gao’s life, and he has also made many like-minded friends. Talking about these hobbies, Gao said that the commonality between work and hobbies is that you should not be discouraged. Do anything, calm down to have the best state, solve problems efficiently, and business as well.

Sparking ink, heart is good for painting; a cup of tea, talking about the style of elegance; or meditation with words, friends with words, are the realm of life. “Writing and drawing makes the mentality more peaceful, and tea fishing makes communication easier.” Gao said.


        [Editor's summary] Taiyi Plastics Co., Ltd. explores quality, pursues quality and extends quality according to industry needs; Taiyi people continue to strengthen their independent research and development capabilities with the same concept and work together to create wealth. After five years of continuous improvement and practice, the current product performance is comparable to or even exceeds the international level. With the accumulation of experience and technological innovation, we have reason to believe that the road of independent research and development of Taiyi Plastics will be more stable and the market prospects will be better.