Specially developed and developed high-end polyoxymethylene (POM) / long-fiber materials (PP.PA.TPU, etc.) in automobiles, electronic appliances, fasteners, sanitary, military, aerospace, marine, office supplies, agricultural irrigation, electronic appliances, etc.

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After 5 years of feedback and continuous improvement in R & D and market application, the normal specification application and its naming are as follows:


Serial number specification Performance description
1 EGH Tested by Spectrum. High rigidity. Strong twist. High bending strength: 245. Impact: 7.2
2 EHI High impact. Low temperature resistance. High resilience. Impact: 65
3 EMS Filling: Molybdenum disulfide
4 ESO Filling: silicone oil
5 EPTL Filling: Teflon
6 EJX Filling: whiskers
7 ENM Filling: special lubrication
8 ETA Filling: calcium carbonate
9 EGB Filling: glass beads
10 EHSF Filling: talc
11 ETM-H Filling: high rigidity. Bending strength: 97
12 ETM-UV Filling: Anti-aging. Car standard test 1296 hours without cracking. Discoloration
13 ETM-LS Filling: Low odor, tested by SGS, reaching Changan standard 
14 POM / PMMA Filling: Low warpage. UV resistance
15 POM / PPO Filling: high temperature resistance, hydrolysis resistance
16 Matt. High gloss  
17 Conductive. Antistatic Black 10 . 3 - 12, the character 10 . 8 -9


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